Pre-Application Enquiry

On behalf of Cooper Estates Strategic Land Ltd, we have submitted a pre-application enquiry to Sevenoaks District Council and Edenbridge Town Council.  We would also welcome your thoughts on these new proposals.

Have Your Say

As part of our pre-application engagement on these exciting new proposals, Cooper Estates Strategic Land Ltd welcome your thoughts on the proposals.

Your feedback can be provided here, or alternatively, submitted via email to [email protected] or post to:

Four Elms Road Consultation Team
Pro Vision
The Lodge
Highcroft Road
SO22 5GU

We request that any feedback is provided by …

Once the planning application is submitted to Sevenoaks District Council, a formal period of public consultation on the application will be undertaken by the Council who will write to immediate neighbours of the development sites and a planning notice will be displayed on the site.  The Local Authority will consider the applications and comments made, and a decision will be made, usually within 13 weeks of registration.


Frequently Asked Questions

To assist with understanding of the proposals, we have produced a response to a series of Frequently Asked Questions, which can be viewed here

Thank you for taking the time to view our proposals.  We look forward to receiving your feedback.