Welcome to our web page in connection with the Land South of Four Elms Road, Edenbridge.

Pro Vision has been instructed by Cooper Estates Strategic Land Ltd to prepare and submit a pre-application enquiry relating to development at the site.

The proposal entails a reconfiguration of our recent planning permission granted by Sevenoaks District Council under application reference 20/02988/OUT.  Following discussions with Kent County Council Education department, this revised proposal seeks to relocate the secondary school site to the east of the agreed access.  This will allow the land for a secondary school to be made available earlier in the construction process.

In addition, we also propose a Care Home.  This is in response to identification of a local need for older person’s accommodation, specifically nursing and dementia care and we consider this site ideally located to assist meeting this need given it is located adjacent to the new medical centre.

Also, in response to the continuing need for housing within Sevenoaks District, we propose additional housing to the south of our previous proposal.

As amended, our proposal now includes:

  • Erection of 425 dwellings, including 40% affordable housing;
  • Erection of a 75 bed case home (falling within Planning Use Class C2);
  • Land for a 4FE secondary school including playing fields, car parking and pick up / drop off area;
  • Land for a new twin hall venue for Edenbridge Scout Group;
  • Land for a new community centre;
  • Creation of a 36 space car park for Edenbridge Town Station with improved pedestrian access to platform;
  • Provision of 12 parking spaces for residents of Town Station Cottages;
  • Land for additional allotment plots;
  • Access from Four Elms Road; and
  • New areas of public open space and provision of an equipped play area.


Meet The Team

A collaborative approach across a number of relevant disciplines has been taken to reach the current stage of proposals.  The project team includes:


The Site and its Surroundings

A plan identifying the location and boundaries of the site is provided below and can be downloaded here.

The site comprises an area of approximately 33.5 hectares of countryside in the Green Belt.  The site is located adjacent to the existing built-up area of Edenbridge, on the southeast side of Four Elms Road and northeast of Station Road.  Edenbridge is one of the four main towns within Sevenoaks District Council and has been earmarked by the Local Planning Authority as a focus for development.  The site is conveniently located relative to the town centre with access to local facilities and services, including public transport.