Alderholt Chapel

Alderholt chapel was constructed in 1923 but has had a number of extensions of no architectural merit.

Pro Vision was appointed to design improved facilities to meet the needs of a growing church and to be available to serve the community. The new building had to be designed to enable construction to take place without disturbing the consecrated ground.

It was proposed to demolish all but the original Chapel and build a new Worship Hall to accommodate 200 people for Sunday worship and weekday sports activities and connect the two with a new link, comprising an entrance foyer, main stairs, toilets, kitchen, church office, and meeting rooms. A first floor was inserted in the original Chapel to create meeting rooms upstairs and “Fellowship Hall” downstairs.

The new Worship Hall includes a baptismal pool. Pro Vision designed the scheme, negotiated Planning Permission, prepared Building Regulation Submissions and obtained Building Regulation Consent.


I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for the beautiful building that we now have and to say how it is meeting our needs so perfectly. Without your inspirational designs and plans we wouldn't have our new purpose built rooms in perfect harmony with our old original Chapel which from the outside looks unchanged. Thank you for your patience and understanding in the early stages when you probably thought that we would never agree and make up minds as to what we wanted
Alderholt Chapel
Church Treasurer

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