Pro Vision was commissioned to carry out reptile and bat surveys at the Breachfield site in Wool by Synergy Housing who were proposing to demolish a house and garages in order to construct affordable housing on the site.

Pro Vision helped in attaining planning permission for the site, specifically by obtaining a European Protected Species Licence for the demolition of one of the buildings where two species of bats were roosting.

Slow worms, common pipistrelle bats, serotine bats and anecdotal evidence of adders were all recorded at the site.

Pro Vision worked with Synergy, Dorset County Council ecologists and Natural England to design a scheme to translocate reptiles temporarily off the site prior to construction and then landscape the site, making it suitable for reptiles to move back on. Mitigation for serotine and pipistrelle bats was designed into all the new houses to ensure they had ample opportunity to roost once the project was complete.

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Greenham Business Park, Newbury – Regeneration of the former military airbase

Pro Vision coordinated a simplified planning regime for Greenham Business Park, new Newbury to help facilitate regeneration of the former military airbase.